The loss of someone close is a major life-changing event in all our lives.  Wanting to keep the memory of a loved one alive is important to many bereaved.  Resolving or coming to terms with grief is not about forgetting, and many bereaved people share a need to talk and reminisce about the person who has died.

Too often that need is denied them in the belief that they have to look to the future and forget the past.  Yet most of us hope our memory will live on after our death in the minds of those to whom we have been close.

For support at a time of bereavement or loss, you can contact our confidential parish service: 087 630 9808


Celebrating the Funeral Mass

Click here for a booklet of Readings and Prayers for the Faithful.

The priest will help the family in choosing these Readings.  Families are encouraged to use the sample prayers and to edit them according to their own wishes.

Click here for guidelines on celebrating the Funeral Mass

Secular songs, poems and texts without Christian context are out of place; however post Communion reflections of a prayerful nature can serve to enhance the Liturgy.  

It is customary for the priest to invite members of the congregation to come forward to offer their sympathy to the mourners. If you do not wish to avail of this custom, kindly inform the priest.

Appreciations given by family and friends of the deceased should not take place in the church but may occur after the Rite of Committal at the cemetery.

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