Cathedral Administrator publishes Parish Financial Statement 2015

In accordance with the regulations of the Charities Regulatory Authority, each parish in the diocese publishes an annual statement of accounts. Mullingar Parish accounts for 2015 have been examined and prepared independently by an accountant.  The Finance Committee and priests of the parish thank you for your support and generosity during 2015.

In the past year your contributions to the Development Fund enabled the parish to maintain our buildings and the grounds of the Cathedral and St Paul’s Church.  Repairs to the boundary wall between Bethany and the Cathedral were carried out along with ongoing repairs and maintenance in the Cathedral and Cathedral House.  This year we wish to carry out essential conservation and repairs to the gates and railings in front of the Cathedral and improvements to the “Mass path” at St Paul’s.

The Parish Finance Committee adopted Regulations for Church Gate Collections. Groups who collect at church gates in Mullingar Parish that they require a Garda Permit are not permitted to collect inside church grounds may not use church railings, gates or property to display posters or advertisements should give written notice to the Parish Office of their intention to collect.

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